Sunday, January 21, 2007

Deviant Art Escapee

I set up an account at Deviant Art, thinking I'd share my writtens there, but I found the procedure
for posting work way too complicated. I spent over an hour trying to post one little poem, and when
I didn't succeed, I tried to get information about what was wrong, but the process for getting answers
to questions is also very complicated. I gave up in disgust and decided I would do fine with a blog.
Everyone else has one, why not me? I did manage to post one journal entry there, copying and pasting
it in here;

"For a long time I've had the intention of posting my writings at Deviant Art, looks like I'm finally getting around to it! I have a sense of accomplishment already in finding a username that has not already been taken. I think it took about 20 tries!

I know Deviant Art is mostly for visual artists,
and I'm not anticipating my stuff will get a lot of readers or comments. That's OK, I just want
a place to keep it all together online.

As things are now, I've written a lot that
I think needs further work, to pass muster with my own inner critic, which often is so severe that I have trouble even reading over what I've written. But I hope to salvage the gems amongst the rubble, and polish them up. "

And that is the purpose of this blog also, at least as I see it now. Poem coming up...

And so, I begin...