Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Post-Breakup Pomes


Static on the line
crackling in our last phone talk,
there between us still.


Though I shake him,
I cannot wake him,
for he is sleeping.
I sang a song he used to love,
I stroke his face so tenderly,
but silent is he.
Even the leaves of the cypress tree
are still in the breeze.
How can he abandon me,
ignoring my pleas?
Bound together,
he said we were,
Though I shake him,
I cannot wake him,
for he is sleeping.


It was a stranger
who called me up
and spoke those words with intent
of dividing you and me.
An impostor, an intruder
in the house of love.
Not you.

The words that stranger spoke,
without hope, or love, or truth--
words of contempt,
hateful, ungrateful--
they did not come from you.
It was a stranger's voice
that spoke to me.
Not yours.

I just wanted you to know
about this person
who called me up,
pretending to be you.
I don't know why
he wants to hurt me
and spit on my heart.
I just take comfort in knowing
he's not and never could be
the one I love,
the one so close to me--
the real you.


Pour more wine for me
and my companions, too,
we're mourning love's brevity,
and, oh Love, I am missing you.

That day beside the river
when you leaned on me, tired one,
I wished to be
your resting-place forever.
So soon, too soon our love was done...

Roaming the field with you at night
I marveled at the beauty of your face,
pale in starlight.
Magical, that time and place...

That night we danced together,
fast and slow,
you too were enamored and entranced,
and now that is gone...

One more glass--enough, just so--
I'll sit here til nightfall,
musing on its ruby glow,
lovely as our love,
before we drank it all.


You asked me to hold
a candle for you,
to bring you luck,
to light your way.

Then we parted
and you are gone
from my life,
but in my heart
the candle burns still,
flickering low,
sometimes almost dying out,
but always flaring up again,
high and bright,
that infinitely stubborn, momentary,
immutable love light.


Feh! so
Fickle--why did I
Fall for him in the
First place? Why should I give a
F--ck about that

*Fake name
For him


"Poems are never finished,
only abandoned," I told someone today.
So it is with us, confrere--
we've left off writing our love poem
and we'll get back to it,
someday, somehow, somewhere.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Friday, July 8, 2011

the world in me

My world is the world within me
where all dwell in peace and love.
Where the nightingale's song of desire
wafts through our dreams,
where we are awakened to live those dreams
by the birds of the morning,
where I behold
fields of rich harvest,
green growing forests,
the deer and rabbit treading in safety,
and where cool streams caress our toes.
Here, we know we are citizens
of untold universes,
and we venture forth into them
seeking and experiencing
like the heroes we are.
I am the singer and the song
of this vision,
I am the seeker and the sought,
I am the change I want to see,
I am the world inside of me.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Primeval Hammering

Do you know what it is to be an artist? To have the Creator at work in you every moment of your life? Perhaps you will argue that the Creator works in every man, and that is very possibly true. But he works in the basement of the house (like a middle-class man who has installed a craftsman's bench in the cellar, while his wife keeps the upper floors in order). A fussy housekeeper rules the upper levels where the world is entertained; but the Creator goes downstairs to work. In the silences when the street-door is closed, the tapping of his hammer may be heard by the listening, receptive one.

The more stir above stairs, the less the primeval hammering can be heard. Most people seal off the cellar of their house at their childhood's close, and the hammering is never heard in them again throughout their life. They have walled off their Creator in the days of their youth, and He who called the universe into being has died in them. Occasionally the walled-in workman, too vital to die, sets fire to gunpowder, blowing up the established order, the parliamentary procedure of the parlor floor.

-excerpt from "God And Puppet" by Irene Orgel

Friday, April 8, 2011


I've seen you immortalized
in a black and white photo,
running, dancing with the waves
in Santa Cruz long ago,
I see you now as you were then,
I see the child still in you, shining through
in your lovely sea-green eyes.

Come with me again to Santa Cruz,
our love resounding with the sea
as we walk upon the shore.
It's time to make new memories
and make the old ones new again,
something we'll never lose.

When clouds darken your sky,
when the world seems untrue,
recapture the rapture
of the sun blessing you,
the sand caressing you,
close your eyes and you'll be there,
one with the seagull's cry.

And then at sundown on the pier
I see and know what's real
in the twilight soft and clear.
The Ferris wheel lights up the sky,
your silence tells me all you feel,
with all my heart I'm here.

I've seen you immortalized
in a black-and-white photo,
running, dancing with the waves
in Santa Cruz long ago,
I see you now as you were then,
I see the child still in you,
shining through
in your lovely sea-green eyes.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Now I See How I See

(Painting by Angela Ferreira, http://www.magicpaintings.com/)

Now I see how I see
is what makes
new world, new me.
Come with me now,
the rules we'll bend,
we'll transcend
and make our own,
hear the tone,
come today, come today,
we'll make our way,
again we'll play
upon the shore,
that joy we thought
we'd feel no more,
we've come so far
yet no distance,
it's been so long
yet all transpired
in an instant,
let us be, running free,
new we, new world,

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Atlantis and Japan - Learning From The Past

A friend posted about the Atlantis/Japan connection at his blog, newearthlight.blogspot.com. I am grateful to him for connecting the dots there, here are my comments to him interspersed with quotes from his post.

His thank-you in the beginning refers to my posting his article at a message board that I frequent.

Hi Jen,

Oh, thank you my friend for appreciating and sharing the post, I don't know how my writings get known but through the word of friends, and I do want these insights to comfort and guide whoever needs them.

Hello Carl, yes, your post is very thought-provoking. I feel there is indeed a connection between the Atlantis story and the events unfolding in Japan. Ultimately, of course, there are no accidents (though the events transpiring now may seem to contradict that), and it is a huge sync and sign, that as reported by Reuters news service, the ruins of Atlantis are emerging at this cataclysmic time in our history.

This for me was the crux of your article:

We must debate the folly of a short-sighted greed-driven civilization that enjoys powers it cannot control but which it knows full well can turn incalculably deadly.

Why did Japan, the most earthquake prone nation in the world, rely upon nuclear fission, the most dangerous power source ever professed to be harnessed? To concentrate chemicals whose intensely poisonous effects can kill millions for centuries, in facilities that require constant flawless attention or else risk run-away meltdown scenarios with the potential to destroy all life on the planet (yes, in a worst case that burns and spews radiation for years), all the while inviting the vulnerability of theft by stupid evil for deliberate destruction in terrorist devices, and all just for the convenience of a large heat producing capacity that can drive some turbines to sell electricity to a culture hooked on consuming ever more resources, is insanely immoral. The human ego’s thirst for power has long outpaced the will to live in humble harmony with nature, as evidenced first by the devastating pollution of the fossil fuel driven industrial revolution, and then by the atomic age of exponentially expanding information castrated of any real wisdom.

So already, countries are reacting to Japan’s misfortune by inspecting and shutting down their own nuclear power plants, and this alone is an expectably desired outcome. Experts are emerging to denounce the obvious greed of a corporation that maximized storage of spent fuel, insufficiently prepared for the truly inevitable worst case scenarios, and continues to under-report the dangers of a burning nuclear facility to a public whose trust is rightly broken. It is very sad when it takes a tragedy to motivate humans to do the right thing that they had previously hoped to avoid because it wasn’t the most convenient for a short-term gain. God is not uncaring and the universe is very wise and good, but disasters are primed when humanity does not take the earlier benign indications for a safer future and instead keeps banking upon a mistake or failure never happening.

From financial bubbles bursting to naturally triggered disasters for which we can only speculate the preventability of damage had we been a more intuitively guided society, innocent loving people will continue to bear the brunt of nightmare scenarios to remind us that sustainability and harmony with divine principles called us to greater wisdom long ago, only we did not listen.

What comes up for me in contemplating all of this is precisely what you say above, in effect, that this was "an accident waiting to happen." Apparently we had to get to this point before starting to wake up in earnest to the dangers and insanity of this approach, especially when we already know there are safe, alternative energy sources that have been repressed due to financial interests. Can we afford to drag our heels on implementing those alternative sources any longer?

I'm reminded of these lines from Humpty-Dumpty in Lewis Carroll's Through The Looking-Glass:

'I said it very loud and clear:
I went and shouted in his ear.'

Humpty Dumpty raised his voice almost to a scream as he repeated this verse, and Alice thought with a shudder, 'I wouldn't have been the messenger for anything!'

The events of Japan are screaming loud and clear in our ear. And it is pushing us out of our comfort zone (to put it mildly). Hopefully we are being roused from somnolence into action. 'Action' can also mean simply doing what we can in our own sphere, including holding the vision of positive change.

As Daniel Jacob aptly says in his remarks on the events in Japan:


Who would have believed that it would be MOTHER NATURE, in the pangs of Her PLANETARY BIRTHING.......that would push us to the brink of HAVING TO DECIDE.........Do we continue our flirtation with this Dangerous and Wonderful Lover.......Nuclear Power........or do we take the "blue pill" and wake up in the morning, as if it was all a bad dream?

Jacob also makes the point that: "NUCLEAR refers to something that is going on at the very CENTER of a situation or a person." We are now facing the implications of nuclear power in a big way, and facing our core choice as a species: sustainability and thrival, or tragedy and unavoidable decline, as evidenced by the catastrophe in Japan.

The myth or fact of Atlantis is that a high civilization developed based upon incredible powers, but too many people given power were not in their hearts sufficiently advanced to be responsible for the blessing that is the God given opportunity to live and love together upon dear Mother Gaia. The Atlantean technology drew upon vast Earth energies in ways so elegant that we cannot now imagine, simply because many of the abilities of natural crystals to tap into geomagnetic and nuclear forces have been excised by the collective unconscious to prevent another Atlantean disaster. Today we use electronics based upon vibrating quartz crystals, silicon, and semiconductors precisely aligned down to the molecule, in order to summon electromagnetic and nuclear forces, so in essence we have reinvented the wheel again but with new devices.

What happened in Atlantis, as best as various people can remember across the thousands of years and lifetimes, is that rival groups abused the powers lent them to advance personal short-sighted gains, to the point of upsetting deep natural forces and triggering the earthquake and tsunami that cataclysmically destroyed and buried overnight that pinnacle of human civilization which included great arts and sciences of love and spirituality. The tragedy was so shocking to the evolution of humanity that, like Nazi Germany, it can never be forgotten; Atlantis is encoded in our DNA for us to remember and prevent from repeating. We have come perilously close, by the evils and ignorance of the 20th century that will continue to haunt us for generations on so many levels, and yet in the 11th hour we keep saving ourselves. Thus we must take heart and let God speed, for this time is deadly serious, and yet the hope of life and love beyond all threat is real.

The 9.0 magnitude quake of Japan is among the greatest in known history. The island of Japan is now 8 feet wider, with 250 miles of eastern coastline 2 feet lower. The Earth is shifted slightly on its axis and the day is slightly shorter. Precedents are few. In 1755, Lisbon in Portugal was destroyed utterly and suddenly by a massive offshore quake and tsunami that affected millions all along the coast of Europe. This came at a time of great Enlightenment thinking in Europe, and reactions were varied and extreme. Was God mercilessly cruel, what did it mean, how could this happen? Everyone must wrestle with their inner demons at a time of great wake-up call and choice. Because of the experience of Lisbon, French author Voltaire became disgusted by the optimism of German philosopher Gottfried Leibniz and famously ridiculed his view that "this is the best of all possible worlds", by describing a parade of horrors in Candide which are ever glossed over by the blindly faithful Dr. Pangloss.

The reference to the Lisbon disaster in 1755, its link to Candide and Voltaire's deriding of Leibniz' philosophy that "This is the best of all possible worlds", is very relevant. I was inspired to review my understanding of Liebniz at Wikipedia, here are a few excerpts:


The Théodicée[21] tries to justify the apparent imperfections of the world by claiming that it is optimal among all possible worlds. It must be the best possible and most balanced world, because it was created by an all powerful and all knowing God, who would not choose to create an imperfect world if a better world could be known to him or possible to exist. In effect, apparent flaws that can be identified in this world must exist in every possible world, because otherwise God would have chosen to create the world that excluded those flaws...Leibniz then approached one of the central criticisms of Christian theism:[23] if God is all good, all wise and all powerful, how did evil come into the world? The answer (according to Leibniz) is that, while God is indeed unlimited in wisdom and power, his human creations, as creations, are limited both in their wisdom and in their will (power to act). This predisposes humans to false beliefs, wrong decisions and ineffective actions in the exercise of their free will. God does not arbitrarily inflict pain and suffering on humans; rather he permits both moral evil (sin) and physical evil (pain and suffering) as the necessary consequences of metaphysical evil (imperfection), as a means by which humans can identify and correct their erroneous decisions, and as a contrast to true good...The Theodicy was deemed illogical by the philosopher Bertrand Russell.[24] Russell points out that moral and physical evil must result from metaphysical evil (imperfection). But imperfection is merely finitude or limitation; if existence is good, as Leibniz maintains, then the mere existence of evil requires that evil also be good. In addition, Christian theology defines sin as not necessary but contingent, the result of free will. Russell maintains that Leibniz failed logically to show that metaphysical necessity (divine will) and human free will are not incompatible or contradictory.

I feel Bertrand Russell nails it here. Along these lines, another wise teacher, Adamus St. Germain channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe, postulates that "All is well in all of creation," which is in sync with the New Age aphorism that "It's all good." Another valued spirit teacher, Bashar channeled by Darryl Anka, recommends that we develop the habit of seeing all events as essentially neutral, containing no built-in meaning.

The meaning, the feelings, the reactions you have are already built within your consciousness, based on the definitions of life you have been taught. Learn the new habit of letting them go, and not automatically assuming that those definitions are definitions of an absolute reality, for there is no reality except the definition you give it, and that's what reality is. So learn the new habit, it will serve you, day to day, in practical and
pragmatic ways. And we will remind you of this as many times as is necessary for it to become a part of your daily behavior and personality, and when it is, I guarantee 100% you will see a difference in your lives. And you will see that you have more ability to determine exactly in what direction your lives ought to go and what it is you are capable of believing, that is possible for you. And also, simultaneously, in looking at circumstances neutrally, you will become more capable of understanding how it is you may be of assistance to others who may be caught up in their own definitions, and unable to see a way to break out of the situation and circumstance, and unable to understand that it is their own definitions that have made the circumstance seem so iron clad, when in fact it is made of nothing but tissue paper definitions.

Learn that reality is only the product of your strongest beliefs and that is the only thing that makes it seem so solid and so immutable in that sense. Transmute these things by changing your definitions, by changing your awareness. It does not necessarily mean that you have to see cosmic consequence in every thing that happens to you, though on one level, of course, there always is. But nevertheless, it will give you insight, like what you would call an x-ray vision, into the nature and structure of synchronicity and circumstance and will give more ability to understand how circumstance hinges upon the strongest definitions you have been taught to believe are true.

Yes, we hope for the best for Japan, while honoring the soul-choices of its inhabitants to experience these apocalyptic events echoing the story of Atlantis which is being excavated now, literally and figuratively. There is meaning and purpose in these events. Let us send care and compassion to all involved, and use the events constructively by staying aware of that meaning and purpose, while lifting our vision toward transcendence and renewal. In the words of George Santayana, "Those who do not learn from the past are condemned to repeat it."

When we see the good inside to which our souls were always committed, we make this the best of all possible worlds from which we have already entered the bliss of manifesting heaven.

Absolutely, and I agree that Anne Thomas' Letter From Sendai is a beautiful example of that.

Blessings to you Carl, and thank you for this exchange.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Book Review: End Your Story, Begin Your Life

Review I wrote for Vibrance magazine:

In Jim Dreaver's new book End Your Story, Begin Your Life, he gives the key to inner peace and eventual enlightenment: dis-identifying with the "stories" that we think make us who and what we are. The basic practice, which keeps us grounded in our true state of being, is stepping back with our awareness. This reminder is given throughout the book in various forms, i.e.: "Do it now. Step back with your awareness...Stay in this place of pure, witnessing awareness, and the story loses its power over you."

The litmus test of awakening or enlightenment, he asserts, is in how we deal with
life's difficult changes and challenges--what Hamlet referred to as "the slings
and arrows of outrageous fate." The mantra given in the book when facing such
difficulties is: "Ah, I welcome, or at least accept, the presence of this conflict in my life. It is showing me where I am not yet free." As an example, he relates his own experience of having three strokes within several months (which according to him, came out of the blue), each worse than the last. Rather than allowing himself to fall into fear, he was able to retain his stability and inner peace, as he knew himself as pure consciousness that is never born and never dies. Secure in this understanding, he was able to marshall his energies and focus them on his healing. The book itself is a
testament to his success.

In the chapter on love ("Each Day Becomes Rich In Love"), Dreaver also shares
his journey through pain and anger after his girlfriend left him for another man. She had lied to him about her affair, and he felt betrayed. But with time and focused
intention, he was able to let go of his story about her and their relationship. He moved on, having reached a state of peace, understanding and acceptance.

Our suffering becomes something useful to us, an "agenda for being present," as he puts it: "The power in adopting a truly welcoming attitude is that it indicates that you accept where you are right now. You may not like it but you accept it. Acceptance, in turn, brings an immediate relaxation, an ease of being and an allowing that may then open the door for the shift in perception called awakening."

Dreaver studied with the Advaita Vedanta teacher Jean Klein, who he frequently
refers to throughout the book. The ultimate teaching of this path is that there is
actually no individual "person" or independent self. "The psychological entity we take ourselves to be doesn't really exist, except as an idea, a story, a fictional creation between our ears. " According to this teaching, up until the age of two we were psychologically free; the "fall from grace" equates to identifying with and believing in our "self" and our stories (including our belief systems). Suffering drops away when we return to our natural state as pure consciousness; in that state, there is nothing in us to resist the flow of life, and there is literally no "person" that can suffer. It all comes down to freeing ourselves from duality and experiencing our Oneness on a deep level. He quotes Kunihiro Yamate on our oneness with all "others" who are "actually mirror reflections of our own self."

Indeed there is an "own self," an individual and distinctive self, albeit one that is in a state of constant change. I feel we can release attachment to the stories, while still experiencing them as real in their own right. That's part of what makes life interesting, I feel. At the same time, I agree that for many, perhaps most of us, the ego (the face we show the world) has become a "counterfeit self" and should never be taken as who we really are.

Jim Dreaver's vision is that connecting with our essence, through disidentifying with our stories and our egos, will ultimately lead to the much-prophesied shift from separation to unity consciousness, from conflict to peace, from fear to love. I fully agree with this perspective, and I am sure that those who embrace the teachings in the book will be among those leading the way in this transformation.

Friday, February 18, 2011

genie us


As we bring this series to a close, one of the greatest keys to applying what has been discussed is remembering the illusory nature of the word “close.” In the Multiverse, nothing ever closes. We are always open... “24/7.” And all sensation, as all knowledge, is circular in nature. Spirals, actually... moving ever onward, with a kind of serpentine grace and precision.

We go through one cycle of learning, eagerly savoring the wisdom and joy which life experience can bring us. Then, we “graduate,” only to revisit that same area later, at a different level of consciousness and desire. Any appearance of an “end” is illusion - a perceptual tourniquet that serves to “tie off” our flow of knowledge in one area, so we can visit others without getting bogged down in detail.

In previous segments, I spoke about three commitments which a person can make, to greatly enhance his (or her) ability to meet and integrate Personal Genius. The first was “living in the moment.” The second was a commitment to “stay free,” so as to remain available to gather wisdom and direction from the universe. Now, I would like to speak about the third great commitment: “following the energy.”


Symbolically, it is quite fitting that the image of a serpent would be used to describe that sacred flow which moves through the mind and heart of a Genius. The energy moves quickly - first this way, then that - bobbing and weaving, just like a snake. It leaps forward, with cool intention, and then falls back, into periods of intense reflection. One never knows which way it will go next! And that’s just the point, isn’t it?

Part of the wonder of life is found in its amazing unpredictability. Forrest Gump described it as a box of chocolates. We just never know what we’re going to get. And yet, our human nature seems to compel us to categorize and strategize - doing everything in our power to keep from being caught off guard. But then, when something or someone actually DOES catch us unprepared, those memories are often the ones we treasure most.

The word “inspiration” literally means “to be filled with a spirit.” This is a concept that hasn’t gotten such good press in days past. Movies like “The Exorcist” stirred up fears, that dark and sullen forces that might capture us, and devour what’s left of our humanity and decency. But really, these are simply shadows, dancing against the illumination of our ever-expanding knowledge that we are ONE with everything and everyone.

To remain free, and to focus fully into our now moment is to lift our sails high, so the winds of possibility can catch hold of us, and take us on wild forays of mind, emotion, and experience. Sometimes, the breezes are gentle and the trip is short. At other times, we are spun and thrashed about by hurricanes of desire and visionary wonder! And, suddenly, we realize: “We just aren’t in Kansas anymore!”

Energy, however, takes many forms and carries with it many wondrous purposes. The words “still waters run deep” can definitely apply to a life of Personal Genius. Productivity or achievement is not always the measure of Personal Genius. We don’t always have to be doing or speaking in order to shine and glisten in the mind of the Oneself. The ability to sit still, and do absolutely nothing (artfully), can also be a gift of the Inner Genie.

Consider the lilies of the field, how they neither toil nor spin. They fret not, they worry not. And yet their presence illuminates the world, in ways that often defy description or imagination.

Channeling your life
My Spiritual Teachers, The Reconnections, have often used our channeling relationship as an illustration of how all of life can sing and dance for us, if we’re willing to let it.

In one of their Transmissions, they said to us:

“Declaring yourself to be a 'channel for Spirit' has less to do with technique, appearance and promotion than it has to do with willingness to stay focused within your seat on the Multidimensional Craft. When we speak about the 'Craft,' we are referring to the Now Moment in which you find yourself. The Now Moment is a Multidimensional Vehicle that can take you anywhere and anywhen you wish to go. The only thing you must remember is to keep your hands and feet inside the car!

Many of you have voices and actions that are jockeying to come through you every minute of your day. However, you are restraining and repressing those energies for fear of what your life will mean if you let them out. Some of this is quite appropriate, and some of it is all about fear.

What is needed, during this powerful time, is for humankind to let go of pre-existing concepts of what this new world will be, or what all of this is going to look like. There are no 'veterans' or 'professionals' for where humanity is now going. Even though you have made several ragged attempts at achieving what it is you are now seeking in your society, the peoples of the Earth have never come close to where it is you are heading now. You need to go forth into this blinding energy as babes... playmates in the sandbox of reformation and expansion.“

These words encapsulate for us everything I have been attempting to discuss, concerning the magical, marvelous beings that we call “Geniuses.” Going forth in life as BABES... playing, laughing, searching, touching, tasting. Oh yes! Tasting! With a young child, everything tends to go into the mouth, doesn’t it?

And what about you, when you read this? What do you think and feel about these concepts? Can you taste them? Are you willing to “swallow” what The Reconnections and I have brought to you in this series?

In a class once, I asked a group of people if they felt they could “buy” what I had shared with them that evening. One clever fellow smiled, and said: “I don’t know about buying, but I may be willing to lease it for a day or two, with an option to buy it later.” And I smiled. An honest answer, and a practical path to follow.

If we look at the word “pretend,” and break it down into its component parts, we see that it contains “pre,” which refers to something that “comes before” something else... and “tend,” which seems to suggest the idea of taking care of something. Isn’t that an amazing thought? TAKING CARE OF SOMETHING, BEFORE IT ARRIVES.

It was once written that: “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” In other words, one of the primary proofs that something exists is the fact that there is someone (or a whole group of someones) who have chosen to believe in it. Personal Genius is very much like that. If you are unwilling to embrace the idea that greatness can flow through you, then you can find a zillion ways to deflect it.

But if a soul can “pretend”... just for a moment... ONE LONG, NOW MOMENT... that he or she can be a channel for Spirit, for Inspiration, for Magnificence... then it can happen. Indeed, it WILL happen. This, I believe, is what my friend meant when we referred to “leasing, with an option to buy.”

And what will you be buying? Ultimately, you will be buying yourself. Indeed, you just may be BUYING YOURSELF BACK from the slavery of a mundane, repetitious (though seemingly safe) existence. To accomplish that, you will be SPENDING your time, your energy, and your vision on something. Why not make that something worthwhile?

These writings are not meant to be the “last word” on what it means to live from the divine. But for some, they could be the first words they have heard on the subject. They are meant to be suggestive only. The rest of the images and the dialogue belongs to each of you. This is your opera, your great novel, your ONE POEM (uni-verse) that will be your eternal gift to All That Is.

Do it with flair, do it with abandon, do it with pain, frustration, and HIGH DRAMA if that is what you prefer. Just do it! Do it now! After all, there is no other time frame in which Genius can or will play itself out.

Start something, let it flow, set it aside, let it glow. Every vision that is well begun is already half done. Don’t push, don’t rush, and please don’t hesitate. Just keep moving. Keep bobbing and weaving, like “Rocky” dancing in the ring! Your only opponent is self-doubt and false humility.

I’ll end with a favorite prayer that I once heard spoken, in the movie “Seventh Voyage of Sinbad.” It was an invocation, that called forth the genie (whose name was Barani) from the bottle that held him captive. Speak it with me, when you feel ready. I’m sure he is still listening.

“From the land beyond, beyond... from the world past hope and fear, I bid you Genie, now appear.” Now. Stand back, close your eyes... BELIEVE and speak your first wish.

© 2003 Daniel Jacob

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Translating Lao Tzu

Tao Te Ching, Chapter 42

Lao Tzu:

The "parent of all teachings"
is that "the violent man will come to a violent end."

First Cause, or "parent of all teachings",
is that what you put out is what you get back.

The Tao begot one.
One begot two.
Two begot three.
And three begot the ten thousand things.


Zero begot one, One begot Two, Two gave birth to Three.

Infinity and individuality, synthesized,
brought forth exponentially increasing expressions.
From this trinity came all else in existence.

The ten thousand things carry yin and embrace yang.
They achieve harmony by combining these forces.

We and our world are a blend of opposing forces.
We find resolution and peace, inner and outer,
through balance and synthesis.

Men hate to be "orphaned," "widowed," or "worthless,"
But this is how kings and lords describe themselves.

We have mastered ourselves and our world
when we understand the true riches are within.

For one gains by losing
And loses by gaining.


We gain by losing our identification
with things of the world,
and lose the real treasure
by increasing that identification.

What others teach, I also teach; that is:
"A violent man will die a violent death!"
This will be the essence of my teaching.

As many sources have said
in different ways:
What we put out is what we get back.
This is the ultimate teaching.

Friday, January 21, 2011

No Time Nor Place

I move through my mind,
the only place to go
when I need to unwind,
want to take it slow,

I can close my eyes
and see the swaying trees,
I can see the sun rise
over distant seas,

sometimes I'll see you
on the left or on the right,
mingling with gold or blue,
then you're gone from sight.

You're whispering there,
in the trees, in the grass,
your closeness everywhere,
a glimpse as you pass.

Just stay in one place,
give me a chance with you,
just to look in your face
is like a dance with you.

There's no map or chart
to show me where you are,
you're the wish of my heart
I will follow far,

through fields of pleasure,
toward a sea of grace,
where joy has no measure,
love no time nor place.

You're whispering there,
in the trees, in the grass,
your closeness everywhere,
a glimpse as you pass.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


spirit to spirit
we meet on computer screen...
inner senses bloom