Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Primary Facilitator of Bashar's world:  "In particular, pay attention to the glyph, the circuit called 'flow,' for when you arrive in pondering the circuit called 'flow,' you will be specifically accelerating the energy of all that flows through you, and all that flows from you, and as you align with this flow, you will more readily receive, and you will more readily give that vibration that is translated in your reality as unconditional love, and as you are more willing to stand in the pass, in the tunnel, in the conduit, in the pipeline of that flow, you will find yourselves becoming expanded in very specific ways that may allow you to catch glimpses of other realities that are concurrent with your own, that have relevance and meaning synchronistically for you, and may illuminate more readily and more

clearly your particular choices for this life, and may assist you in remembering, re-membering, re-calling, re-awakening the choices you made for this physical reality so as to more clearly illuminate the paths you have chosen, and to more clearly grant you understanding, true fundamental understanding of why it is obvious to act on your joy every moment that you have been granted existence and life, and allow your experience to be undifferentiated from what and who you are, for you ARE the experience you are having itself. You are the experience of All That Is is having of iself. Have a grand experience with this gift."
Sirian Sacred Symbols meditation: