Monday, August 7, 2017

New Haikus

Aging, death--so what?
We are eternal beings...
wrap your mind around!

the way onward and upward...
not competition

"What does it all mean?" 
Question asked with tongue in cheek
got some good answers 

 You may buy into
"That was then and this is now..."
In truth, it's all NOW

These dying roses
still emit a sweet fragrance...
I can't throw them out

Sunday, August 6, 2017


Poem I wrote, inspired by the quote below it.

We are dreaming our world,
we are the producers, the actors,
and writers, leading ourselves ever deeper.
The dreamer dreams, and the dreamer
within the dream dreams.
These dream plays are a maze, an amaze,
a play within a play within a play,
a journey of learning and going within
without end, fraught with meaning
and significance. The All of you is watching,
and lo, is donning many roles,

"Humanity dreams the same dream at once, and you have your mass world. The whole construction is like an educational play in which you are the producers as well as the actors. There is a play within a play within a play. There is no end to the 'within' of things. The dreamer dreams, and the dreamer within the dream dreams. But the dreams are not meaningless, and the actions within them are significant. The whole self is the observer and also a participator in the roles."

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Oh Moon So Bright


Still I can see you
in the eye of my mind,
 lying on the bed of your death.
You were eleven, I was twelve,
and we had entered
an unknown land. 
You were there but not with us,
breath receding,
eyes closed, heavy-lidded,
as your distraught mother spooned cereal
down your throat.
“How can he swallow
 if he’s asleep?”  I asked,
and she said:  “It’s automatic.”
The flame that had leapt
high as the sky
was guttering out,
and when I learned, the next day,
of your passing,
I threw myself on my bed, crying
as I never had before,
 great racking sobs.
Oh friend of my childhood,
still I can see you
in the eye of my mind,
your smiling face
beaming bright as the sun,
running and playing,
 calling me forth
to do the same,
to be the keeper
 always, forever,
 of my flame.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Tuesday, January 10, 2017