Monday, February 5, 2007

Smokin', Trippin', Dreamin'


                    The Caterpillar took the hookah
                    from its mouth and said:

                    "WHO are YOU?
                    What do you do?
                    Are you happy or blue?
                    False or true?"

                    Alice answered:

                    "I hardly know, sir...
                    my life's in a whir,
                    my mind is a blur,
                    I've not a dollar nor a diller.
                    So pass that hookah, Caterpillar,
                    or I'll crush ya, that's for sher."


                    "Caterpiggle wiggle
                    You sure are plush
                    Think I'll sit on you
                    *~*~*plants her tush*~*~*

                    So whatz yer vision?
                    Whatz the vista?
                    Fill this hookah
                    Wontcha mistah…"


                    "Cracked my head
                    open. Colored rain
                    Fall'd skyward from
                    My swirling brain.

                    In a minute
                    Knew it all
                    Now you kin, Alice
                    Though yer small…

                    But one puff
                    is definitely not enough"


                    Alice said:

                    "Be quiet, bug,
                    Don't push yer drug,
                    You plushy lug.

                    I'm saving room
                    for the 'shroom.
                    Then I'll ZOOM.


                   "Hmm I see,
                    my Alice chile,
                    what's behind
                    that dainty smile…

                    'Shroom indeed,
                    but for that
                    yewl have to see
                    the Cheshire Cat.

                    Two puffs then
                    before yer gone
                    from me silly
                    billy bong…"


                   "Oh fuzzy one, yer really trippin',
                    perhaps you should slow down a bit?
                    I mean the 'shroom on which we're sittin',
                    me on you and you on it.

                    From nibblin' this mound
                    I could get taller or smaller
                    dependin' on which side,
                    and thass a toughie, 'cause, you see,
                    it's perfectly round.

                    Whatevah--it'll be a wild ride!"


                    "Harrumph! Yes well
                    I might have tripped
                    I wasn't told
                    There was a script

                    How queer indeed
                    Your words be true
                    A mushroom sure
                    as I am blue…

                    Must be the Cheshire kitty lied
                    Or then like now I wuz too fried
                    So psilly fungi's a magic seat
                    From which side will you eat?"

                    "Which side shall I eat?
                    Thass tough, as I said,
                    It's so round a seat
                    with, really, no sides,
                    it boggles my head
                    but it's time that I tried..."

                    (Alice stretches her arms around the
                    'shroom as far as they will go, and breaks
                    off a bit of the edges with each hand. She
                    nibbles a bit of the right-hand side...)

                    "OOF! my chin's on my foot! this is not goot!"

                    (She tries a bit from the other side.)

                   " OOPS! my head's in the sky!
                    Well, I DID want to get high..."

And Alice continues on with her adventures, leaving the Caterpillar peacefully smoking his hookah--one last party before entering the darkness and stillness of cocoon-time, where no smoking is allowed.

Instead, the Caterpillar will dream constantly, in vivid color - X-rated dreams of butterfly love...