Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Ah, weary sunflower me,
reaching, seeking, questioning:

"Glorious sun,
how can you love one
so far below
your brilliant show?
I'm not a sun, I'm not a star,
I can only turn my face to thee
from oh, so far..."

The Sun's reply:

"Beloved, you too are a sun,
and you and I are one.
Learn to look within and see
the shine that equals mine,
unstop your ears and hear the song
I sing to you, all day long,
sing with me:

'I am the lover and the loved,
I am the light of day and night
below and above, 
I am on course,
I am the source,
I am the source of love."


Al McAllister said...

Exquisitely beautiful imagery, Jen.
Beautifully clear that we are not separate from the Source of all our good.
Wishing you the best,
Al McAllister

Jen said...

Thanks, Al! I continue to be
inspired and assisted by your sunflower poster
every day. It inspired me to rework the
poem, for one thing.

Peace and Love of I,