Thursday, October 23, 2008

Honest Robot Chicken Love

I call you up and talk a while
of what you're doing and will do,
and share bit of the same, on my end.
(I hope you send me your drawing
of the robot chicken you said you were working on.
I'm sure it's beautiful! ) *
I tell you I'm reading an e-book
called Radical Honesty,
I offer to send you excerpts,
but you say that's all right, you're honest enough.
I'm sure that's the honest truth.
I'm still working on this myself,
so to be honest, sonshine,
the best part of our talks
is when we sign off
and I inform you yet again
"Love you!"
In saying it to you, I say it to myself,
the honest truth I need to hear
unto eternity
about you, about me,
God/dess, the universe,
the omniverse,
the robot chicken squawking
as it pecks for robot worms
in an alien landscape.

We are all robots
on a journey home
to becoming real,
"I love you" the magic words
that help us heal and feel
into that state.

And so I state yet again
to you and to myself
(is there really any difference
between us two?):
thank you,
I love you.

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