Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Dancing In The All


Dancing in the light
dancing in the dark
either way I'm on the mark,
both ways it's all a lark,
it's my choice, I'm free

I am all the colors
and all the shades in between
I am all I've even seen
all I've been and will be
it's all me

reach out and touch
reach out and know
no place to hide
no place to go
tag, you're it

you are the sun,
the earth, the sky
you're dancing in the All
and so am I


Sallie Tierney said...

Enjoying your poetry, Jen! Have you bookmarked but be sure to link me up when you move the blog to that more poet-friendly land.

Jen said...

Hey Sallie, someone actually posted the solution to the line break problem in that thread. Check it out. Maybe all those posts got their attention! So unless I encounter more snafus, I guess I'll remain on Blogger.

btw, speaking of snafus, I don't see my reply to your latest post showing up on your blog.

Enjoying your writings too, including your poems, and learning about Newstead Abbey!